Your Health Matters, or does it? recorded by Hope Media Ministry


Summary: Young, healthy, athletic, bodybuilder, doctor in medicine, yet Dr. Bobby Scales found himself diagnosed with prostate cancer. Further research also found heavy metal poisoning in his body. Doctors made the normal recommendations: surgery, hormone shots, radiation... but Bobby knew these to be only Band-Aids instead of the healing he now required. Dr. Scales had done serious research over the years in the practice of medicine and had knowledge that few others have.  With this knowledge and a prayerful heart, he turned to his Bible. It was in the Bible that he found more then a cure. It was here that he found answers to our health written thousands of years ago.



#1 Whose Body is it Anyway?

Most people would say our health matters very much. But our actions often say the very opposite. "Sometimes our actions don't agree with our words." Why, after so many years, is there so much sickness, obesity, diabetes and many diseases? Dr. Scales has six presentations on health, lifestyle, causes of diseases, cancer, diabetes and more. This is part one and a good place to start if you or anyone you know is suffering health problems of any kind. This is a life changing, lifestyle series of presentation. An eyeopener for most people and a lifesaver for many. As a physician, Dr. Scales has seen his share of health problems and dealing in medicine, he found that pills were not always the best answer. Join us as he puts the God, the Bible, lifestyle and changes to the forefront of our minds so we can avoid or alleviate the unhealthful downfalls of our current society.

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#2 THE BRAIN - Is an Organ Too? 

This is a very powerful presentation on educating people about the brain and how things affect it. We need to take care of our brain. This is worth knowing and what will you do when you learn all this information? We are back to the original question of "Your Health Matters, or Does it?

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#3 The Cause of All Diseases 

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#4 True Cancer Prevention 

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#5 Diabetes is an Epidemic! 

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#6 Osteoporosis 

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About Bobby Scales
This was all written many years ago.  We updated it several times and this is probably our last update (December 2009).  Dr. Scales passed away this month and we are sorry to see him go.  We know God knows best even if we don't have the answer and we pray for his lovely family.  We were friends with Dr. Scales from the day we met and he has been an inspiration to this ministry and to our family.  I recognized in him a man who loved God, loved his family and loved to tell people the truths of God and what you need to know to have a long, healthy and spiritual life with Christ.  We are so fortunate to have captured some of his messages and we know that his legacy will live on through many lives he has touched over the years through friends, families and lectures he presented all over.  We hope to help his legacy live on by providing the media for you to watch or listen to here at Hope Media Ministry.

Young, healthy, athletic, bodybuilder, Doctor in medicine, yet Dr. Bobby Scales found himself diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Further research also found heavy metal poisoning in his body.  Doctors made the normal recommendations; Surgery, Hormone shots, radiation... but Bobby knew these to be only Band-Aids instead of the healing he now required.  Dr. Scales had done serious research over the years in the practice of medicine and had knowledge that few others did.  With this knowledge and a prayerful heart, he turned to his Bible.  It was in the Bible that he found more then a cure, he found answers to our health problems today, written thousands of years ago.  So simple yet so important that Dr. Scales had to forego modern medicine for himself and follow God's plan.  A plan still relevant for today.  Dr. Scales found so much information that he soon had a new, spirit filled desire to share it all with everyone he knew.  And now he wants to share it with the world.  He speaks where ever God sends him.  Schools, churches, and more.

Dr. Bobby Scales was born in Chicago, Illinois.  His early childhood was spent living in different areas of the west side of the city.  His mother, a single parent, felt it was necessary to move whenever the neighbourhoods took a turn for the worse.  By doing this she was able to avoid Bobby and his three brothers from getting involved in gang activity in these poverty stricken areas.

Bobby was found to be accident prone as a young child and this necessitated several trips to the doctor.  At an early age he noted that there was a shortage of doctors in the ghetto areas of Chicago and also that none of the Physicians he encountered were African-American.  This seemed strange to him.  Along with the noted shortage of African-American doctors, and  his love for science he determined that he wanted to become a Physician.

Bobby’s mother relocated to the south side of Chicago during his early teen years and he attended Morgan Park High School. During high school his teachers noticed that he was bright but not motivated to work to his full potential.  He had gotten involved with some friends in the neighbourhood who were not goal oriented and this affected his academic performance.  By the end of his second year of high school he was failing three of his major subjects and not expected to pass.  It was during this time that he made a decision to follow Christ and a change in attitude and performance took place.  His teachers noted his new found energy, enthusiasm, and desire to succeed and he did complete that year without failing any subjects.  Over the next two years in high school he concentrated on being an excellent student and made plans for his future.  Upon further investigation of what it took to become a Physician he decided that the road was too long and chose accounting as a major instead of Pre-Med.  During his last years of high school he maintained a good grade point average and was a member of the Tau Epsilon Honour Society in his Senior Year.

He was accepted to Chicago State University and through what he thought initially was a twist of fate there were no business classes available for him to take as an incoming  freshman.  He still had an interest in medicine and decided to try to get into a Biology class. There were no biology classes available either.  The heart of the Chairperson of the Biological Sciences department, Dr. Ann Bond, was touched. She made an exception and allowed him to enrol in an entry-level biology course.  Bobby took this as a sign from God that medicine was the area he was to pursue.  He immediately changed his major to Biology with renewed plans to achieve his dream of becoming a Physician.  Having come from a family where no one else had completed college he was lost in terms of how to fully pursue the application to a professional school.  With aid of his professors, all was accomplished and through the grace of God, he was accepted to not one, but two different medical schools.  He decided to stay close to home and attended The Chicago Medical School.

The medical school years were the most difficult task that he had ever undertaken but he was determined to complete it.  It was very trying, coming from being one of the brightest students in his previous classes, to now be just an average Joe among a group of geniuses. He endured and learned from his clinical rotations that his greatest interest was in the field of Internal Medicine.  This specialty would allow him to become that doctor in the neighbourhood that he had wanted to become.  To assist his fellow man in the best way that he knew how.  By treating both simple and complex medical conditions.  Upon graduation from medical school he was accepted to the Internal Medicine Residency program at Cook County Hospital in Chicago were he spent the next three years of his life.  These years were even more difficult than medical school but at the end of those three years he had accomplished his goal and was almost free to begin his practice of medicine.

The reason he was only almost free was because the excess expenses of attending medical school.  Medical school left him in debt to the government in terms of a time commitment and also in great financial debt.  He spent the next three years repaying his time in commitment to the government in the National Health Service Corps employed as Physician at a local Board of Health Clinic Chicago. Finally his dream of practicing in the ghetto was achieved.   The clinic was in a neighbourhood identical to what Bobby remembered going to in his childhood.  However his dream of having his very own practice was yet to be fulfilled.

After completing his commitment to the government Bobby had an opportunity to start an Internal Medicine practice in Reed City, Michigan.  This was only 18 miles from his wife’s hometown of Baldwin Michigan.  So in 1989 the family relocated to Baldwin where they still reside to this day.  Bobby has undertaken many responsibilities since being in Michigan, some of which include a Private Practice, an Emergency Room Physician, a Clinic Physician, and an Assistant Professor at Ferris State University in the Department of Leisure Studies and wellness.  He currently holds a position as Medical Director at the Baldwin Family Health Care clinic along with its satellites. He loves spending time with his wonderful wife Tannya and their four children (two daughters are adults and still reside in Chicago) and two granddaughters.

His greatest passion - sharing the message of Jesus Christ to the world through God’s Health Plan, which is a seminar that he has conducted in several states.  He stated “My number one goal in life is to share God’s health plan with as many people as possible.” People have found his seminars to be not only educational from both the spiritual and physical aspect but also very motivating. Dear Father in heaven, how we miss our friend and we pray You will bless all of Dr. Scales family.  Please help us to spread his messages that You gave him through his cancer.  Let them go far and wide so when Bobby arrives in Your arms, you can show him all the lives he helped bring to the cross with the messages he gave.  Let him live on through these messages until your return to get us all.  Thank you that we have this medium so people can see and hear You messages of Hope.  We ask and pray in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Dr. Scales spent years spreading God's health messages and he devoted more
and more of his time giving seminars all over the United States.