Music in the Last Days, recorded by Hope Media Ministry


Summary: Karl Tsatalbasidis spent years playing and studying the drum set. After giving his life to the Lord he came under conviction about not only his lifestyle but also on what it means to praise the Lord through music. Now he teaches people all over, the biblical truths about Music in the church as well as in our daily lives.

Karl's passion for music is evident, but his greater passion is for Christ and His truth and this is demonstrated in this powerful 4-part series on music.

Music is a very controversial subject in the church today and many have found that changing the music style did not give the church the results they had anticipated. Pastor Karl addresses the subject matter in detail drawing from his past experience as a drummer and demonstrates how the Bible shows us what God would have us do. Discover practical answers to questions such as, Does Christ care what we listen too or what types of sounds we play? What does the Bible have to say about music? Is there a problem with worship and music in the church? Does it really matter? What should God's last day Christians do when it comes to music if we want to follow God fully?


Part 1 - More than Rhythm, Melody & Harmony  
  Part 2 - Chariots, Horses, Drums and the Name of the Lord
Part 3 -  Form, Style and the Problem of the Drum Set
  Part 4 - Watch & Pray, or Dance & Play


Karl has also written a book entitled Drums, Rock, and Worship which can be purchased online at Amazon. The book explores the complex relationship of today's church and modern music in worship, especially the drum set. Is rock music justifiable praise, or is it a dangerous compromise? A call to reform that will change attitudes and win hearts from the personal, moving story of an expert in the music industry.